Vitamin K Green Juice Bomb!

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Hello Dear Juicers!

I am finally back after a much needed vacation in the States.  Getting to go to Miami with my wonderful husband and visiting my newborn nephew filled me up with so much happiness :)

In order to kick-start getting on track with juicing after my holiday, i’m going to do  “7 Days of Juices” in which I will make a juice and blog each day, with a brand new recipe.  I want to do a variety of juices: green, orange, citrus, and carrot juices.. really whatever I get inspired to do.

I write all of my of juicing recipes myself :)  If any of my fellow juicers have any comments, suggestions, criticisms, etc. i’m excited to hear from you.  For now, here’s my Vitamin K Green Juice Bomb! 

2/3 bunch spinach

1/2 bunch kale

4 stalks celery

1 apple

1 lime

1 inch ginger


  • First, get out all of you ingredients and wash all veggies and fruits.


  • Begin by creating your  ‘green base’ by juicing all green vegetables first (this helps with the consistency of the juice).


Have you ever thought about why people rave about kale?

There are so many health benefits of kale, here’s a few!

  • Kale is rich in iron, vitamin K and antioxidants.  It is packed with fiber so it helps with detoxing your body and jump starts your digestive system.
  • Kale also gives you energy, especially from the kick from its vitamin B-complex.
  • Vitamin A and K in the veggie, help support red blood cells.
  • Additionally, the Vitamin C and Calcium helps teeth and bones grow strong.


  • Now juice your fruits: apple and lime.  Finish with juicing the peeled ginger :)



  • Your juice should look something like this immediately after juicing!12092573_10205094442183335_1081700979_nStir it up and enjoy!  See you tomorrow for day 2 of my “7 Days of Juices” :)

Bailey Ann <3