How to Fight the Flu with Fresh Juice!

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Dear Juice Lovers,

First, I will start off with a quick story-

I have now lived in Denmark with my sweet husband for 3.5 years now.   Considering I am originally from the United States, I grew up taking cold medication from the pharmacy to ease my flu or cold.  In Denmark, they do not make cold medication like i’m use to.  Danes believe in fixing things the natural (ahem, Viking) way.  For example, my husband’s grandma firmly believes the chamomile tea will literally fix anything 😉  It has taken awhile to adjust to this new mindset of health, but I have been sick less and feel physically much better by treating my body’s needs the natural way!

This juice is perfect for the flu– consider the health benefits of oranges (Vitamin C), carrots (Vitamin A and Beta Carotene), ginger (boosts immune system and is an anti-inflammatory), and lemon (fights infection).  All of these ingredients juiced together will truly shorten your flu and help easy your symptoms!



4 large carrots

3 oranges

1 lemon

1 inch piece of ginger

(put less or more ginger in depending on how spicy you like it!)


Step One: Wash all the fruit and vegetables. Cut the heads off the carrots, peel the ginger and cut the oranges.


Step Two: juice all the carrots first.


Step Three: Juice your oranges, lemon and finally, ginger.


Your juice should look like this before stirring.


Beautiful juice colors!


Stir and enjoy!  Get well soon!