Try this bell pepper Juice to cure your cold!

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Juice enthusiasts!

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season and sick-free winter!  Unfortunately during the magical time of Christmas, also comes many head colds and respiratory issues.  I made a juice recipe that should give your immune system an immediate boost.  The secret ingredient? Bell peppers..

Benefits of juicing bell peppers:

  • Yellow and red bell peppers have 4x more vitamin C than oranges; green bell peppers have 2x more. The vitamin C helps prevent blood clots and especially respiratory problems, which makes it a vital part of healing from a cold!
  • Bell peppers also contain vitamin B-complex, A, E and various minerals such as magnesium, iron, zinc and potassium.
  • Full of anti-oxidants which can lower your cholesterol, protect your skin and lowers your risk of cancer.

Give your immune system a boost! Try this recipe:

5 carrots

3 oranges

1 yellow bell pepper

1 lemon

1 inch of peeled ginger

Step one: wash all of your fruits and veggies


Step two: juice the carrots, oranges and yellow bell peppers






Step three: juice the lemon and finally, ginger




Step four: stir, pour and enjoy!




Happy Juicing!