Pineapple Express!

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My juice enthusiasts,

After the holidays, I feel my body needs a little detox!

Check out this detoxing recipe here:

½ Cup of Pineapple

1 Cucumber

1 Granny Smith Apple (Green)

1 Head of Romaine Lettuce

4 Kale Leaves

Curious about all the ingredients? Lets break it down:



  • Cucumbers are made up of 95% of water which helps to hydrate the body and fight inflammation.
  • Full of antioxidants, Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin K (good for kidney health and helps build strong bones!)
  • Helps digestion because cucumbers are packed with fiber and it contains potassium, which helps lower blood pressure.


There are so many health benefits of kale, here’s a few!

  • Lutein, iron, riboflavin, potassium and magnesium
  • Kale is rich in iron, vitamin K and antioxidants.  It is packed with fiber so it helps with detoxing your body and jump starts your digestive system.
  • Kale also gives you energy, especially from the kick from its vitamin B-complex.
  • Vitamin A and K in the veggie, help support red blood cells.
  • Additionally, the Calcium helps teeth and bones grow strong.

Romaine Lettuce

  • Contains thiamine which helps your liver, hair, eyes and skin
  • Vitamin A, Potassium and phosphorous



  • Apples are full of pectin, which is a fiber that aids in digestion and is even an appetite suppressant. Pectin also aids in maintaining sugar levels in your blood!
  • Great for your hair, skin and nails due to the minerals found in apples, along with Vitamin A and Vitamin B.

Now, A Spotlight on Pineapple:


  • Full of Potassium, which is an electrolyte that lowers blood pressure and regulates the heart beat.
  • Vitamin B in pineapple is great for mental health and helps regulate your mood.
  • Vitamin C gives your immune system a boost!
  • Bromelain is an digestive enzyme and helps digestion by breaking down proteins in the body.  It is also an anti inflammatory.

Step One: first, juice the romaine lettuce and kale






Step Two: next juice the cucumber, apple and pineapple




Step Three: stir, pour and enjoy!




Happy juicing all!