Turmeric Juice for Arthritis, Pain and Skin!

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Hi my wonderful juicers,

I finally got a hold of an organic turmeric root and was inspired to experiment :) This juice is packed with nutrients and acts as a natural pain reliever. One of my family members suffers from severe arthritis, so I am happy to hear some feedback and I am hopeful it will help. Happy juicing!


3 carrots

2 celery stalks

2 oranges

1 inch of peeled turmeric

Spotlight on turmeric:


Top 10 Benefits of Turmeric:

  1. Serves as a natural pain reliever and is ideal for arthritis patients.
  2. Supports immune system.
  3. Has curcumin, which kills cancer cells.
  4. Great for your skin and complexion because of the anti-bacterial agent, which even helps the skin condition psoriasis.
  5. Contains adaptogen and this decreases stress.
  6. Packed with antioxidants.
  7. Anti-inflammatory and great for injuries
  8. Natural antiseptic which help wounds heal better and faster.
  9. Helps detox the liver, as much as beets do.
  10. Speeds up metabolism.


...first, wash all of the fruits and vegetables. If there is skin on the fruit, you may juice the entire fruit if it is organic.


Step One: peel the turmeric: juice the carrots and celery.

IMG_0344*Extra tip for people with arthritis! Mix turmeric with coconut water and it helps release more of the antioxidants into your cells*


Step Two: juice the oranges and turmeric



Step Three: stir, pour and enjoy! Thank you for reading Juice Pulse :)