Watermelon Juice: the perfect summer drink!

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Dearest Juice Lovers,
I hope your summer has kicked off nicely! One thing I love about summer is all the watermelon! I especially love juicing watermelon in my juicer and making a gorgeous healthy juice.
To begin, lets break some things down:
Why juice watermelon?
🔹This fruit is full of 92% of water and is great for weight loss (lowers water retention).
🔹Has lycopene,which actually gives watermelon its color, this antioxidant detox’s your body from harmful free radicals
🔹Minerals: potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc and iron.
🔹Contains betacarotene and Vitamin B.
🔹Helps with sore muscles, lowers blood pressure and is an anti-inflammatory! 
🌟Why juice lemons anyways?
🍋Lemons are great for energy, digestion, and help balance your body’s pH!
💛This beautiful fruit is fantastic for weight loss, detoxes your body, is packed with vitamin C and helps clear your skin!
Pretty impressive, right? So here is a great summer juice–>
(2 servings)
1/4 of a watermelon
2 oranges
1/2-1 lemon
Step One:
Buy all of your produce and try to buy everything organic so you can juice the skin of the fruit as well!
Step Two:
Get all of your organic vegetables out, along with your juicer. Wash all of the produce thoroughly and place them on a cutting board. Cut all of the fruit into pieces that will fit through your juicer. With the watermelon, make sure to cut off the rind (skin) of the fruit and then cut it into small pieces
Step Three:
Juice the watermelon, oranges and then lemon for a super tasty combination
Step Four:
Stir, pour and enjoy!
Most sincerely,
Juice Pulse