2 Day Juice Cleanse: Day Two

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Dearest Juicers,

Today is day two of my 2 day juice cleanse, day one was very successful. I am focusing on fat blasting juices such as grapefruit, and low calorie watermelon juice.  Here are my original recipes and photos :)

Juice One:

(8:00 AM) Grapefruit and orange juice


🍋Grapefruit is natural metabolism booster, appetite suppressant and fat burner!

Try this recipe:

1 grapefruit

3 oranges

1/2 lemon

Bunch of mint

Juice Two:

(10:00 AM) Green tea with lemon

(11:00 AM) Watermelon juice


Watermelon and cucumber are extremely low in calories and hydrating!

2-3 servings:

1/2 watermelon

3 oranges

1 lemon

bunch of mint



Why juice watermelon? 
🔹This fruit is full of 92% of water and is great for weight loss (lowers water retention).
🔹Has lycopene,which actually gives watermelon its color, this antioxidant detox’s your body from harmful free radicals
🔹Minerals: potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc and iron.
🔹Contains betacarotene and Vitamin B. 
🔹Helps with sore muscles, lowers blood pressure and is an anti-inflammatory! 

Juice Three:

(2:00 PM) Green pineapple juice


3 handfuls spinach

1 cucumber

1/2 pineapple

4 stalks celery

1 lemon

1-2 inches ginger

Juice Four: 

(5:00 PM) Remaining of watermelon juice


Juice Five:

(8:00 PM) Remaining green pineapple juice

Insights and symptoms:

  • I woke up feeling energized
  • It was difficult to mentally switch from eating solid foods to only drinking liquid
  • Loved the taste of all of the juices today, seriously delicious
  • Urinated very frequently!
  • Less hunger pains than yesterday
  • Feeling light